Overactive Thyroid Symptoms

by admin on January 1, 2012

Overactive Thyroid Symptoms

People suffering from overactive thyroid symptoms need to cope with the everyday stress of the disorder. When the problem is not yet fully diagnosed, you might hear people say that the symptoms you feel are all just in your head. But little do they know the difficulties of what you are experiencing. They often underestimate your complaints and you end up feeling more hopeless. But before you believe with what they say and be frustrated, here are the overactive thyroid symptoms straight from the health experts.

Musculoskeletal Problems

The muscle and skeletal systems are the two most affected parts of the body during thyroid dysfunctions. Thus, you can begin your initial diagnosis by looking for overactive thyroid symptoms involving them. Patients who have an overactive endocrine gland show tremors that show especially in the hands. You may not be able to control the shaking of your fingers during this point. There is also muscle weakness and easy fatigability. Simple tasks may rob all your energy and you feel so tired even when your day is just starting.

Emotional Changes

Other important overactive thyroid symptoms include changes in your mood. People around you may notice your irritability, nervousness and anxiety. If you are a woman and you are nearing menopausal period, you might think that these are normal parts of aging. However, the overactive thyroid symptoms are due to the excessive release of thyroid hormones and this is not normal. You need to correct the problem before your mood swings damage your social relationships.

Fertility Issues

Overactive thyroid symptoms involving the reproductive system are the main reasons why men and women look for medical help. For women, they experience menstrual irregularities which lead to difficulties in getting pregnant. For men, the overactive thyroid symptoms are major concerns. They include impotence and loss of sexual desire. If the hormone balance is not treated, the problem leads to infertility in both genders.

Weight Problems

The thyroid hormones are mainly involved in regulating the body’s metabolic rate. In cases of hyperactivity, the body burns too much calories and thus leads to weight loss. No matter how much food you eat, you simply do not gain the extra pounds. The too fast metabolism also leads to increased appetite. Some aspiring weight losers and food lovers at the same time might find this very beneficial. However, with the complexity of the overactive thyroid symptoms, no one would like to wish the disorder.

Skin, Hair and Nail Problems

The skin and its appendages are also affected when overactive thyroid symptoms occur. Although the problems are less common, there is thinning of hair, baldness and brittle nails.


If you are still unsure whether what you feel are overactive thyroid hormones, you can have your blood tested and see if the hormones are way beyond their normal limit.

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